Match Report
Stamford Girls-U13A vs  District Championships
On: Thursday, 09 Nov 2017
Venue: at Home

This age group was split into Y 7 and Y8,9 known as the junior girls.

In the junior girls event, there were many strong performances. Imogen Dee fought to the line, but just missed catching the runner in front of her, finishing in an excellent 2nd position. Sophie Reeves in 4th ran a very committed race, and the rivalry continues between Leonie Hart in 6th and Zara 'little fish' Pollock in 7th. These 4 will represent the county in January. Jolie Mitchell-Clarke was a very respectable 20th, closely followed by Elizabeth Fergusson, Aggie Pennell, Amelia Davidson and Lucy Barber.

In the Y7 event, Maeve ?'I never stop' Sinfield and Issy 'not Kim' Philby finished after a great run in 2nd and 3rd positions followed by Annie-May Cannings in an excellent 8th. These 3 will represent the county in January,( as well as competing again on Saturday in the English Schools' cup). The depth and enthusiam for running was reflected in the fact that despite some runners being ill or injured, there were still another 7 competitiors in the race who all ran with focus and commitment and finished with smiles on their faces; Georgina Shepherd was 23rd in her first event, Penny Phelan 24th, Amelie 'place your' Betts both with their best runs of the term, Alice Eggar was not scrambled and produced her best performance of the year in 47th, closely followed by Charlotte Booth, Milly (definately with a 'Y') Wright, and Tabby Findlay.

Congratulations to all who took part; I am continually impressed by your commitment, resilience and enthusiasm. You are a pleasure to be withsmiley