Match Report
Stamford Girls-U13A vs  Oakham School
On: Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017
Venue: Away

On Wednesday 11th October, the team travelled to play their first match against Oakham School this season.

The whistle blew and Oakham started strongly attacking and scored the first goal. We pushed back and there was great defending from Lucy passing it out wide. Leonie did a few great runs passing to Issy who stuck to the post. At half time it was 3-0 to Oakham, so Ms Smith gave us a few words of inspiration and we came back stronger and on the attack.

Alice did an amazing reverse shot and it flew passed the goal keeper and into the goal, 3-1. Zara and Aggie did some great pairing up and pressuring the opposition. Tess did some great passes out and passed to Aggie and she knocked it past the goal keeper to score the second goal.

The determination and energy shown by the team in the second half was fantastic. Nicola didn’t give up when she lost the ball she chased after it and got it back. Hannah our goalkeeper was a young lady of steel, she did some of the best saves of the season so far.

Our team really kept the pressure on Oakham and we made them fight hard for the ball. The final score was 3-2 to Oakham. All we needed was five more minutes and we would of won the match. The cheering from the side line, the energy and determination shown in this match was incredible and it just highlights what we can achieve when the team, attacks and keeps their position so that we play tactically as a complete team.

Well done everybody, I am sure we are all looking forward to the next Oakham match.

Jolie Mitchell-Clarke