Match Report
Stamford Boys-U14A vs  Uppingham School
On: Saturday, 12 Jan 2019
Venue: at Home

It was the first game of the season and one that both sides would want to win. Stamford started out positively by moving the ball with good intensity around Uppingham’s half. It didn’t take long for Stamford to find the back of the net for the first time as some creative play was nicely linked up by the attackers, including Archie Barnes, Rohan kundaje, Charlie fytche, Angus Owen, Ben Goold, Mathew linsell and George Clements.

Play resumed and soon enough Stamford had scored again this time Uppingham had put up a bit more of a fight. Uppingham restarted and soon went on the attack, they were so close to score yet only to be stopped by Anu Mitchell’s brilliant tackle. A half had been and the score was 3-0 after Stamford had bagged another goal minutes before the half had ended.

Play started again and Stamford were much the dominant force, getting another two goals in a matter of 10 minutes again with good link up play between the attackers. It was now 5-0. There was only 5 minutes left and Uppingham started pressing however they were stopped yet again by Anu Mitchell. Stamford then went on the counter attack and scored again to make it 6-0. A minute later the final whistle had gone. It was a comfortable victory for the Stamford boys but there was still much to work on.

The star player had to be Anu Mitchell down to his resilience in defence and always keeping his head held high. A true Stamfordian quality.