Match Report
Stamford Girls-U13E vs  Bedford Girls' School
On: Saturday, 15 Sep 2018
Venue: Away

Saturday the 15th was the day that Stamford U13 E team played Bedford Girls' School. They won 3-0, sadly for us that had meant that we had lost our 2nd game of the season. We found that playing without a goalie was a slight advantage to Bedford; but we didn't have worry too much as we knew Tabitha was in goal. At the end of the first half Bedford were winning 2-0 and we knew we had to get those goals back. Alice and Hattie were both very strong and consistent upfront. There was a lot of communicating throughout the game, which is vital in any match. Annabel played extremely well in defence saving many shots from the opponent team. As a team we should of used the 'countryside' tactic instead of crowding in the 'city'. We came back feeling a bit disappointed with the score, but we felt we had done our best. We are determined to win our next game.

A Wright