Match Report
Stamford Boys-U10A vs  Festival - Laxton, Bedford, Peterborough School, Brooke, St Hughs Copthill
On: Wednesday, 26 Sep 2018
Venue: at Home

SES Sports Centre Parking Guidelines Rugby Festival

Parking at the SES Sports Centre and Memorial Pool has always been and remains a challenge. Space is limited in the Sports Centre car park and Conduit Road must not be used by non-residents. Detailed parking guidelines follow. Please do read them carefully before visiting the Sports Centre.

For SES parents and families:

  1. Please do not try to park in the Sports Centre car park.
  2. Conduit Road itself should not, under any circumstances, be used for parking or drop off / pick up.
  3. Please do not park at Stamford Tennis Club.

For visiting teams:

1. If visiting by bus or coach – please use the layby situated off East Street for drop off and pick up

2. If visiting by minibus - minibuses are permitted to use the Sports Centre car park, via Conduit Road, although other School car parks should be considered as space is limited.